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CarrierView Loads tracking service

Track your truck loads in real-time, from dock to dock

CarrierView enables brokers to get real-time load tracking. Broker can initiate tracking using driver's phone number and driver will receive a text message with the link to download driver application which will enable him to transmit his location data to the broker, customer or shipper.

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Stay in the know with instantaneous status updates

With instant tracking updates, you can spend less time following the progress of your shipment and more time focusing on your business. You’ll receive automatic updates when your shipment:

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Departs from the pick-up location

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Finishes its delivery
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Runs behind schedule
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Arrives at the drop-off location

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Save Time With A Clear Tracking Feed

Always be prepared for deliveries, shipments, and every transit need by keeping a sharp eye on the status of your goods. When you have a clear idea of where your shipment is, you know exactly what to expect— giving your business a watertight schedule that optimizes your time. Track in real-time, get status updates and optimize your business’ timetables.

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Save Money On Logistical Operation

Cut tracking expenses and revolutionize your business’ tracking capability—all for a better price than our competitors CarrierView streamlines the logistics of tracking your shipping on a simplified, easy-to-use platform. Our intuitive platform gives you an effective and affordable tracking solution that you can implement into your logistical department seamlessly. Free up resources devoted to monitoring the transit of your goods for a stronger, leaner budget.

Take the StressOut Of Shipping

When the supply chain becomes stressed, you can stay stress-free with real-time tracking that helps you keep a grip on the status of your goods. Check-in calls are a thing of the past with the high definition visibility offered by CarrierView. No more surprises, just clear-cut tracking info that tells you what you want to know about your shipment, all in one place. You can rest easy knowing you’ll never be in the dark about your shipments ever again.

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Endure Supply Chain Issues With Real-Time Freight Visibility

Real-time freight visibility gives you a simple, easy-to-use solution to a complicated problem: supply chain disruptions. Optimized tracking with CarrierView empowers you with the proactive foresight that helps you navigate supply chain hiccups, wherever they arise. With shipping becoming a dominant factor in the modern economy, now more than ever realtime freight visibility can give your business a crucial competitive edge. Whenever disruptions occur in the supply chain, your business will be ready when others aren’t

Benefits for businesses big and small

CarrierView runs on all the most popular phone operating systems available on the market. From iOS to Android, you can track your shipments from any device.

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Get right to tracking with easy set-up

Simplicity is our business. Tracking your shipments is just as easy as setting up CarrierView app on your driver's devices. Our intuitive install module helps drivers and businesses get tracking in moments.

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Real-time tracking

With real-time tracking, your shipment will never leave your sight so you can always keep your goods accounted for. CarrierView lets you track all your shipments, at every point in their journey.

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24/7 Customer support

Need help with the app? We’re here for you every hour of the day. Whether you’re struggling with set-up or need assistance navigating the platform, our expert support staff is on the line 24/7 to field your questions.

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Multilingual services

Break through language barriers with CarrierView. Tracking is all about clear communication. That’s why our support staff takes pride in accommodating a multilingual clientele.

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Automatic updates

Hear about your shipment’s status updates within seconds. When your shipment is received, delivered, or reaches stops in its journey, we keep you informed with automatic alerts.

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Choose your plan

Upgrade anytime, no question, no hastle

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Get Started with CarrierView today

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